Friday, December 19, 2008

Some managerial tips

As a manager it's really very difficult to manage things around in your office. I had also face the same problem. But then i found some tips from Mr. Bard Bolton. Here are those tips which can help you too.A mark of a good leader is to be able to provide consistent motivation to his team encouraging them to attain excellence and quality in their performance. A good leader is always looking for ways to improve production and standards.
Leadership: Effective leadership allows any manager to transcend geographies, organizations, and cultures. It will produce desired results despite the ambiguity and level of risk. The key is to be a true leader.Observing employees at work, the procedures, interaction and work flow is foundational to implementing adjustments to improve results. To have credibility, a leader needs to be seen and be known to be up to date with what is happening in the work place.
Relationship building: Having a significant personal network of people will continue to be a smart way for managers to operate in their careers. Remember that relationships are the basis of personal credibility.
Monitor Employee Performance: Employee performance needs to be monitored in mutually accepted ways. Policies and procedures need to be clear. Conferencing should be on a regular basis and not just when there is a problem. Assessments and evaluations should not be merely all formality or viewed a necessary paperwork to be done and filed away. Individual and group conferencing should be undertaken not only to monitor performance, but with the expectation of on going professional development and support. There should be frequent encouragement and clear criteria for on going goals both for the group and individual.
Project management: The emphasis of the future has to be in the leadership and interpersonal skills that ensure sound project-management practices. Projects fail because relationships and expectations fail.
Good Decision Making: Good leadership is characterized by the ability to make good decisions. A leader considers all the different factors before making a decision. Clear firm decisions, combined with the willingness and flexibility to adapt and adjust decisions when necessary, create confidence in the leadership.
International cultures: Globalization and the offshoring of jobs to foreign countries require that we learn to work with and understand international cultures. The "American way" won't always bring success in how we run our business or in how we develop and nurture our relationships.
Listening: Probably the least understood skill is that of listening. Managers need to hear what's not expressed in words--the body language, the tone being used, etc. Too often, we're busy determining what we're going to say next, rather than understanding what's being said.
Change management: This is a necessity, as change becomes our steady diet. Managers won't be able to lead others through changing times and situations if they can't learn to change themselves first.
Producing results: Successful leaders will get results by setting the direction, aligning the people, and motivating them to produce results. It can no longer be done by just commanding people to do work.

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